Business car S-Max

Ford has been well received at this year’s BusinessCar awards with the S-Max picking up award for the eighth consecutive year.

Despite its popularity you may not be completely familiar with the Ford S-Max but it is an MPV and it has won the award for the being the best multi purpose vehicle every year since 2008…. Not bad! The Fiesta was also awarded, a car that you will almost definitely be familiar with for it is indeed the highest selling supermini, it would seem then that the Fiestas popularity is pretty well justified as it has won the BusinessCar’s Supermini of the Year prize.

BusinessCar editor Paul Barker spoke about the S-Max:

Ford’s S-MAX has been a class apart since launch, bringing people-carrying practicality without boxy people-carrying looks. Though this generation is soon to be replaced by an even classier new model, it is going out with a bang and still looks great compared to rivals.

Over 82,000 Ford S-Max vehicles have been registered in the UK since it was released in 2006. Meanwhile, Paul Barker attributed the Fiestas success to low running costs, driving enjoyment and clever technology.